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A Suite of Remote Sensing Processing and Management Tools


Element 84’s FilmDrop DR product incorporates a decade of experience in remote sensing data processing and user interfaces to bring information from drones, public and private satellites, and field teams together in an AWS Snowball Edge-deployable interface to support disaster and public safety teams. With a focus on time to deployment, FilmDrop DR minimizes time to insight during critical moments.

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  • Deployable in the field via Snowball Edge

    The AWS Snowball Edge gives us the ability to extend familiar tools to an offline environment - decreasing cognitive overhead and time-to-learn.

  • Users ready to operate in less than 15 minutes

    Designed to teach to an operator in less than 15 minutes, a basic map layout and simple interface allows for extremely rapid response without bells & whistles.

  • Integrate in-situ data from disparate sources

    Flexible basemaps including data from OpenStreetMap and USGS

  • Drone data processing

    Process raw drone imagery into GeoTIFFs and tiles for use in FilmDrop DR map layers Self-contained OpenDroneMap instance can process data in the field, reducing time to analysis

  • Deployable via AWS Cloud

    Take advantage of the deeper processing power of the FilmDrop Core stack

  • Support for offline capabilities and sync

    View tiling & geojson data in offline capacity. Import custom data points, boundaries, and layers offline.

  • Timeline functionality

    Timeline allows for 360 degree “playback” of events for research and retrospectives.


FilmDrop Core lets you create a ephemeral archives of convenience (AoC) and custom pipelines that make remote sensing and in-situ data more useable and actionable.

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  • Cloud-based icon Cloud-based, instantly scalable to meet processing needs
  • Sales iconSupport for flexible sales and licensing models for data
  • Archives iconCustom data products and Archives of Convenience
  • Security iconSecurity and access auditing
  • Integration iconIntegration with 3rd party account management systems (OAuth, Google)
  • Archives iconBacked by the power, security, and compliance of AWS
  • Payment iconPayment processing

More Features

  • Ground Stations and Data Acquisition

    FilmDrop can use Existing S3 buckets as a data ingest source or automatically connect to your AWS Ground Station.

  • Archive and Storage

    Automatically store data based on planned use and let our FilmDrop engine help you build and index your metadata.

  • Processing Pipelines

    Generate ephemeral archives of convenience (AoC) and custom pipelines to make your data more useable.

  • Discovery and Access

    Search, discover, and visualize your data at scale and make it available via services for your team or customers.

How It Works

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